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Build Sheet Information Request 1-800-392-3673

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Build Sheet Information Request by Ford, for free



He wrote; "...Just have your vin # ready, they ask you a few ?'s, then someone will call you back in 2-3 days and let you know it is processed. It says it takes 2-3 weeks to get..."

He received the info quickly, about four weeks; the time-line beats Ford's On-Line Request format!
Build Sheet Information Request Form - 91 & older scroll to "Vehicle Parts Accessories" by Ford at

But this format is ONLY for 91 and older, BroncoDubs has a 95, so the phone is better.

I posted what the Ford Build Sheet in letter format looks like earlier here; here is a sample;
Build Sheet for a 91 by v8only build sheet.jpg

wait for the little box to appear in lower right corner to magnify the image

A Sample Build Sheet Information Request Reply Letter w/original build date, optional equipt., axle ratio, paint color, etc. NOV 05 for an 85 by equivalent (Beetlejuice) at
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I found mine under the rear carpet. Hard to read and I am afraid to try and move it. Damp and tears easy. Would be nice to have.
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