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Muscle Cars and Trucks broke down how much it would cost to get the same suspension system from FOX that's on the Bronco R.

It can all be yours for only $7,604.75 馃槄

2.5 Bump Stop: $304.95
2.5 Coil-Over Springs: $639.95
3.0 External Bypass Reservoir: $1,199.95
3.0 Coil-Over Internal Bypass Reservoir: $3,399.95
4.0 External Bypass Reservoir: $2,059.95


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multiply that X2, as your prices are for each component. Then add the fab work, odds and ends and youre at $30k just for the suspension and nothing else.

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Yeah 8k would be a bargin.
I think in this example its closer to 8k a corner just for shocks/springs/bumps/etc...
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