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aussie heads that i built for my new engine, before it involved flat top pistons. wish i could use them, but, with the flat tops its just too much compression.
aussie heads.
magged, cleaned, checked for cracks.
set up with hardened seats, bronze guides, ferrea valves, and comp 972 springs.
they were also milled just enough to clean up surface.
i paid $250 for bare heads and roughly $750 for machine work, parts, and assembly.

selling price is $700.

yes there is a catch...
when i got the bare heads, a kinda crappy port job had been done to the intake ports. looks like someone tried to match them to a 351c 4v intake. the machine shop that built the heads for me thought they would still work fine.
at worst, you might have to get creative with your valley pan...
theres a post about this here...
when i got the heads back from the shop, i did line up a valley pan with the ports, and it covered everything, but this was with the heads off the engine, so i dont know if having the heads on the engine would change that or not.
there are also a couple dozen pics of the now finished heads here...
some of the pics have the heads next to a set of stock heads so you can see the difference in port sizes from the previously mentioned port job.
pick up would be my preference. im in philadelphia, pa. could possibly drive and meet if its not too far. shipping costs will probably be around $30 per head if you want to go that route. ouch.
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