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Bush Announces Do-Not-Wiretap List

Just days after the New York Times released classified information about
eavesdropping by the NSA on Americans linked to international
terrorists, President George Bush at a news conference today announced
creation of a new website which allows people to voluntarily exclude
their phone numbers and email addresses from NSA wiretap lists.

The new National Do Not Wiretap Registry ( follows the
successful model of allowing citizens to opt-out of
harassment by electronic means.

"If you're concerned that your civil rights might be violated simply
because some al Qaeda member has your information in his cellphone or
computer," the president said, "then go to, enter your
contact phone number, email address, and names of terrorists who might
have you on speed dial and we'll let the National Security
Administration know that you don't want them eavesdropping on you."

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Also, if you sign up now they said you can get a waiver from income taxes this year. You just have to show up to your appointed location and pick up your waiver. They can even send someone for you if you don't have transportation.
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