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metalhead said:
I think LMC truck has body bushings. LMC truck also needs to get off their ass and make a catalog for 87-96 Broncos!
Can't speak to the body mount bushings, hoping I never have to replace mine, but I have done suspension bushings in polyurethane.

I used Energy Suspension polys I picked up locally and at Summit. Did the rear sway bar and radius arm bushings as they were easiest. Big difference in off/on ramp cornering on the street. The original stockers were worn, but not that bad, still the polys changed the handling very much for the better.

Did the front sway bar bushings around Xmas and that really flattened out(improved) the front end's handling and stopped all the pitching and yawing. Got a set of axle pivot bushings to put in, but that looks like real actual work so I may chicken out and stock em' or get a mechanic buddy to toss them in when his shop hits a slow spot in February.

BTW Energy has a great 5 page catalog that helps identify which of the many types and sizes of sway bar bushings our Broncos have. Thay also sell an all inclusive kit. You can get to their website throughthe Summit manufactures link. And yes they come in every day-glo colour you can imagine a Road Runner coming in. I chose boring black

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