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Buy my Junk!

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Buy my junk! I have spare axle shafts for the TTB $20 for the inner slip yoke $40 for the inners and outers, U joints included. C'mon you NEED a spare. I also have two sets of driveshafts Both came off of a FS Bronco equiped with a C6 and NP208 $50 ea. for the fronts and $100 ea. for the Double Cardan rears. I also have mirors $20 ea. A chrome bling bling grill! $35. Numerous body parts (off a Bronco you sicko!) Stock spindles and everything on out for D44TTB including two sets of Knuckles. I'm sure there's more (I'm parting my parts truck and everything I don't need off mine anymore) Oh yeah. The parts truck has a 351M in it if anyone needs parts off of it as well. Whaaaat a bargain!
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Im looking for an early 80's mechanical clutch pedal assembly and connections. Got one?
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