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A few months ago my speedo stopped working. I found that the lower speedo cable was pinched and chafed, so I replaced it. On the next trip out, the speedo worked for about 20 minutes of driving, then stopped. That time I found that the speedo gear was worn in a concave shape. Makes sense with the cable locking up and the gear grinding in whatever it rides on inside the t/case, so I replaced the gear.

Well, when I was out last weekend, the speedo worked for another 20 minutes or so, then stopped. The speedo gear again is worn in a concave shape again, but not as bad as the first one.

The cable spins freely, so the problem must be in the t/case. I have a schematic here but can't see what the speedo gear rides on. I'm thinking that whatever drives the speedo gear is not sitting where it is supposed to and causing the damage.

Is there a gear or cog that turns the speedo gear? Maybe a c-clip came loose? I guess I will make time to pull the t/case and crack her open.

Any thoughts?
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