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I finally got around to building my manual shift transfer case. I had to get two manuals to build one due to the output shaft on the first being junk and it being cheaper to buy a complete unit than just the shafts. Add in the original 225K mile electric that I tore down for some parts (none of the electric parts left), and the electric currently in the truck, and I have some spare parts.

Anyone need anything? Cover shipping and I'm happy. I just want to offer it up here before it goes to the scrap recycler.

Only exception is flange output yoke - that is not free. Give me $20 plus shipping since these appear to be rare finds somehow. I'm keeping one for myself as a spare.

I have two chains, oil pumps, shift forks, main shafts (I think I might keep one of those as well), and the other gears. Free. No planetary sets as those had too much play, so I scrapped them already.

I also have two output covers for the speedo gear guys (since I have the diff sensor). (These are free too.)

So, anyone need/want anything before it goes?

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