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Ok, so I went to Moab for a week, and the transmission seems to have gotten some issues.

Recent changes include 4.10 gears and 35x12.5 tires

302 motor, 180k miles, I know the trans has been apart once, but no clue when, was prior to me, but when I changed fluid/filter in it back in November.

symptoms I observed

  • surging up hill and when leaving a light, but intermittent
  • wouldn't downshift to first when in 4wd, motor would run at 1500 rpm with no forward movement in deep sand
  • spray of oil on the underside of the hood out of the dipstick
  • transfluid doesn't smell burnt, but has a slight blackish color when wiped on a white rag
  • fluid level seems a bit higher, although no milky color like its getting coolant into it, and coolant level hasn't dropped

I put Mobil 1 synthetic ATF into the transmission back in November.

Any help would be great, and the issue seems to be intermittent.
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