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hey all i tried the search feature but didn't think i answered my questions.

i have an 89 f150 with a 351 and c6, i dont know what x-fercase i have tho. my buddy has an 89 exact same truck, but 2wd with a 300 and m5od, he said i can have the transmission and all that to do the swap so i have an exact donor almost. i know i need a new output shaft and tailhousing from a 4x4 and also that i need the electrical connections to the tranny from the donor, but my question is do i need to get my driveshafts shortend/lengthend? is the 5spd longer than the c6? if so by how much? this isn't the first time i've swapped a tranny but its the first time i've changed from auto to manual.

im sorry if i missed somthing when i searched :whiteflag but i couldn't find that information specific to the c6-m5od swap

thanks guys :beer
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