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Yo @My first car
"In a modern braking system, the driver of the vehicle provides force by pushing down on the brake pedal (2455). In power brake systems, this force is increased by a vacuum or hydraulic power brake booster (2005) and is applied to the brake master cylinder (2140). The force applied to the brake master cylinder pistons transmits pressure through the brake lines to each brake piston, resulting in braking action at each wheel (1007).

The system consists of the following:
  • power brake booster
  • brake master cylinder
  • brake pressure control valves
  • brake tubes and hoses
  • anti-lock brake system (ABS) components
The dual brake system is split front and rear with the front wheel brakes comprising one circuit and the rear wheel brakes, the other circuit.
The ability of a brake system to stop the vehicle is dependent on the available traction.

Assuming there is traction, a brake system has to deal with other critical requirements. There must be a balance of the brake forces applied from side to side. If this were not the case, several things might happen. The vehicle might pull to one side or the wheels on one side might lock up prematurely, which could result in a skid.

Another important requirement is having the front and rear brake forces balanced. This allows all four wheels to utilize available traction and stop the vehicle in the shortest distance. Lightly loaded wheels may lose traction with less braking force than heavily loaded wheels.

For example, the black truck in the following illustration is carrying its maximum-rated load in the truck bed. For maximum brake performance, it needs more brake force directed to the rear, because the weight distribution gives the rear more traction. The white truck is empty in the rear and carrying a snow plow on the front.

For maximum brake performance, it needs less braking power in the rear and more in the front. That is one of the reasons manufacturers provide gross axle weight ratings as well as gross vehicle weight ratings on each truck. There are limits to the loading and weight distribution that the truck is designed to accommodate. Exceeding these limits may adversely affect the brake performance.

Balanced Brakes
Besides assuring that the maximum brake force is directed where it is needed to provide shorter stopping distances, brake balance also assures that the wear on brake pads and linings will be reasonably equal under normal operating conditions. This makes the required brake system maintenance more predictable." By Ford

"Four Wheel Anti-Lock Brake (4WABS) in 1993 - 1996 Broncos prevents wheel lockup by automatically modulating the brake pressure during an emergency stop. By not locking the wheels, the driver can improve steering control during hard braking and stop the vehicle in the shortest possible distance under most conditions.

The 4WABS controls both front and rear brakes separately. The brake pedal force required to engage the 4WABS function may vary with the road surface conditions. A dry surface requires greater force, while a slippery surface requires much less force.

During the 4WABS operation, the driver will sense a pulsation in the brake pedal, accompanied by a slight up and down movement in the pedal height. In addition, a mechanical noise from the engine compartment may be heard. The pedal effort and pedal feel during normal braking are similar to that of a conventional power brake system." By Ford

ASAP, find out if speed control recall work, if equipped was completed @ Recalls Look-up by VIN (Vehicle Identification Number); or @ Welcome to Ford Owner | Official Ford Owner Site; or ... have VIN ready. While there, see most Ford dealer maintenance/repairs done @ any dealership nation-wide.
See this guide by jowens1126 to confirm recall status @ 93 & 94-96 Cruise Control Recalls Repair
Note that the 93 recall is different than 94-96.

1994 Bronco Dealer Brochure by Ford via Dezo's Garage @

1994 Bronco Brochure, Partial; Cover & Page 3; plus pics of EDDIE BAUER model accessories.
by Ford via BigRob at 1994 Ford Bronco Bronco Accessories pictures, videos, and sounds |

As you've done, for any Bronco questions or to chat about it's planned modifications or build, it's better to post each seperately in Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone. This will get more attention and you can build up your post count to get into other sections such as Bronco and Ford Parts/Accessories (75 posts required to view due to scammers who preyed on our members.).

To save you time and for better responses, please fill out your Bronco info with location, year, engine size, transmission type, transfer case type (manual or electric shift), locking hub type (automatic or manual) info & major mods such as a Lift, etc. .
Bronco info is now able to be put under your user name.
Click your profile button in the top right and go to account settings.

On that first page, named Account Details, scroll down to "Vehicle Info" and type in up to 100 characters.

Now you can simply enter your information in the text editor and click save.

Our Forum FAQs includes for example, How To Upload Images To Posts, How to Use Search, How To Save (Bookmark) Threads Or Posts & more tips!

BabaLooey's Favorite FSB Links (lots and lots of tech links) ... includes such as, "Tailgate Window repair & troublehooting."

Try to find time to participate and Vote in our next Full-Size of the Month Contest (soon to be Quarter) and later in the year Full-Size of the Year Contest @ Voting
You will get ideas by those competing.
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