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It doesn't seem to affect anything, but this noise worries me.

Here's what it sounds like: (20 seconds long)

A few notes about it:

1. Seems to loudest under the steering column
2. Only when moving faster than about 15 MPH
3. Goes faster with speed, but doesn't change much (recording was taken about 25 mph)
4. Varies with speed, but not with motor rpm
5. Does not have anything to do with turning the wheels
6. Is not getting better or worse
7. The sound is like a raspy and clicky, like a thin piece of paper being stuck in turning bicycle spokes

I've driven the Bronco about 1000 miles since I bought it last week - commuting to work and I went to Death Valley from L.A. over the weekend. The noise is always there. Not very loud but definitely noticeable.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

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couldnt get the sound, but id guess its the speedo cable under the dash. unscrewit from tranny and check if it quits. and if that does it dont worry its just an annoying sound that might go away once its rubbed through.
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