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Can you ID this SA?

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During one of my local desert adventures I came across this

It was in a pile of chevy parts so I am guessing its chevy. 8 lug if remember right (took pic the other day) Just woundering if I found anything good and should I grab it or is it too far gone. At least one chaft is missing and 1 rotor too. Found another (third) steering rod but don't really know what it is. Also 2 rims in good shape that fit it. You can see part of 1 in pic. What ya think?
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4Low said:
Yeah it would be free. Someone dumped it. Thanks guys I was sure it was a GM product. So you think I should grab it and scrap it.
I would, then I would have a whole bunch of spare outer parts. The outer stuff is nice for anyone wanting to swap to 8 lug outers on their D44. and why you say would someone want to put Chevy 8 lug crap out there? Answer is because with the chevy caliper setup I also run 15" wheels.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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