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Carb Time

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I know im gonna catch a lot of flack on this post but i really need some correct and researched answers. In every car I have ever owned, I have had fuel injection problems. I have had my 87 Bronco 302 for a few weeks now and it has followed suit. As it is im not crazy about the design of this fi system so i have been debated goin carb. I dont have many hills arouns here(florida) but is a carb gonna stall coming out of a mud pit? What difference in mpg am i looking at? Im sure i need a new distributor(vaccum advance) and different fuel pump. Will i also need anything for my overdrive(i want to take the computer out and i believe the overdrive is computer controlled, but im not sure)? Anthing Im forgetting?
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you pretty much coverd everything. you can leave your computer in to control your tranny. and as far as your fuel pump all you have to do is get a hold of kinsler racing and ask for a poppet valve set at 7 psi. i just converted my 89 bronco with a 351w in it. good luck if you need any info on the fuel system get a hold of me on yahoo.
I did the same to my 86 302, the harness was simply too far gone, would have had to rewire all of it. I picked up a distributor out of a 1970 torino 302 vacuum advance, $15.00 rebuilt off ebay. carb, intake. Actually kept the stock fuel pumps, but run a BG bypass regulator to bring it down to about 6psi. Haven't had any probs with fuel pumps in aabout 10 weeks. If the trans is an aod, no prob, not sure about an AODE(computer controlled). For the AOD I just got a Lokar kickdown cable. Swapped just about 2 months ago, just ask I probably went through it
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