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So,fixed my steering, and decided to take her out for a drive. The old girl steers so much better, but runs like shit. It wants to die alot when im starting off, and has no power after around 2800rpm. I know its because of my vacuum advance, which is non-existant. I'm going to replace the carb, but need to know which 2bbl's fit, and what I should look for at the scrap yard.

I also finally figured (possibly) why my Motorcraft 2150 doesn't have a port for my vacuum advance. The Duraspark ignition plugged into my carbs right? The carb i have has a pulg in on the back, but i dont have the cable to plug it into. Anyways, i figure if i can find an older carb from the 70's, i can do away with the electronic crap, and have manual choke.

What do you guys think?
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