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cardan joint rebulid????

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i am go'n to do the u joints on my rear drive line but i have never messed with a "double cardan" joint. i did a search and found a good diagram of it but no advice on what i should look for as far as wear of parts or if i should just replace them when i have it apart. thanxs for any info.

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I've rebulit a few of mine in the past... What you do is, fairly simple, start at the Tcase end, and work your way in. The center ball has a small spring, and needle bearings.... watch for those, that you don't lose them. Before you start disassembling, look for obvious wear or deformities. The yokes should be tight enough that a Ujoint cap can't slide in.

Instead of using old sockets(which I've done with my first one), I've been using short pieces of pipe, to help with pressing in, and out, the Ujoints

Take your time, and be sure to watch for the placement of the zerk fittings also... putting a joint in backwards can make it impossible to lube a joint later on - this is how I found my front driveline :mad:
thanx do you happen to know where i can pick up the relacement parts if i need them??? i called napa they said they have them in a kit for something like 29 bucks but the guy didn't know much about the kit. i was hope'n to find one with all of the parts in it to rebulid it
I just did this last weekend. hode on i will come up with links,
Keith L did a great write up on this,


Its not hard, just takes some good aim. Follow his advice on his superford page and be sure to mark all bosses such as they go back in correctly. Also, dont forget to mark the shaft to the yoke so you put i back in the same way it was before you removed it.

I have a U-joint clamp, big ass clamps and a vise. I had a couple old caps that absolutely refused to come off, but finally i persuaded them.

good luck, feel free to ask questions.

Oh, also i have an assortment of 3 jaw pullers and that came in very handy when removing the old ball race/mount. Harbor freight, 10 bucks for that.
thanxs!!!:D thats what i needed!!!!!
hey, where in AZ are you ?
i live in the nort west vally in phoenix
94_chickentaco said:
Keith L did a great write up on this
Zactly what I was gonna say!:toothless
I bookmarked his page...comes in mighty handy!:thumbup
welderbob5139 said:
i live in the nort west vally in phoenix
cool another az guy....check out the run posted in the southwest section
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