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"Cargo Cover"

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Well I know a lot of people want the original cargo cover but their either long gone or not for sale. I made mine. Not much to it, 2 yards of felt, heavy duty velcro from HD n some spare wood. Its not original but it does the job. Plus its really not that expensive total $15. Well if anyone decides to borrow the idea or make it better post pix here. Assuming you dont have the original.

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Out of sight, out of mind. It will keep people from seeing what you have in your truck and that is all that really matters.
Indeed, it'd be nice to have the kind that roll up but that is kind of a minor thing 90% of the time for most people I would imagine.
How did you mount it, any pics of that?
Sorry moved to proper forum...a tech write up would consist of step by step instructions.
Wasnt sure were to place it so thanks redwagon.

Fartman its simple attach the felt around 1st piece of wood. Staple it or nail it its up to you. Place velcro on top of trim of both sides. Then set it n unfold. Hope picture helps out.

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Interesting, Im working on sometihng similar but it will be held down by the bolts that hold the top on.
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