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Post pics of your carnage for 2003 or list damage.

My list starts with my rear springs

Then the 9" craped out buy twisting the splines on the pinion and killing the pinion support bearing

Also had to upgrade brakes at that time

Then I laid it over in a ditch and got a few small dents and scratches

And at last my 460 has seen it last days so I bought a builder which will begin in a month or so.

Also no pics of is a set of shocks and all the steering linkage and pump. A leaky 205&C6. Not much damage for 5 wheelin trips.

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let's see

8.8 rear
Dana 60 rear
Pinion yoke
a dozen u-joints
e brake cable
double cardan joint
front axle shaft

This is all junk I broke on the trail my list would be way longer if I put street breakage on there. :thumbup

Screw the Jeep Thing
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Same Run I did this

Then my buddy did this

Then I Spit both lift blocks(at the same time), busted a U-joint, and u-bolts, both leaf centering pins.. And Spend 4 hours in the mud and crap fixing it.. Sorry couldn't find pics..

Me---> :twak <---- Ubolts

MAn that trip sucked.

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Alternator pulley came apart, has to rig a pulley someone had in their box and drill a quarter for a spacer.
Windshield-wife flung passenger seat too far forward.
Gas tank strap, no skid plate :banghead
Water pump started to leak.
Broken fan shroud.

All of the above were on one trip. But she made it home 2 hours on her own power. :thumbup

That SmackMyB$tchUp Guy
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Broke 2 front D44 shafts
Destroyed tie rod / drag link
Bent trac-bar
Trashed 3 shocks
Burnt PS pump

(And this was all on ONE TRIP :rockon :rockon )

ate lug
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Every dent my truck has i got last year :toothless
I also .....
  • Bent the hell outta both of my bumpers (finally got rid of the rear one last week :thumbup )
  • blew two or three water pumps
  • two altenators
  • clutch fan
  • power steering pump
  • had to rebuild power steering box
  • timing cover started leaking
  • 1 tierod
  • front right turn lamp and shell
  • 1 rear ujoint (well, it was close to breaking)
  • 1 8.8 coverplate
  • brakes front/rear & all 3 cables
  • ripped off a grabhandle
  • broke a nerf bar (thanks steve! :thumbup)
  • and one thrashed tire/rim

I think thats it :eek:

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oh I forgot some.

grille support
back bumper
butt-load o' dents
bent skidplate
3 broken cb antennas
both rear fenders bent from too much articulation:thumbup

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Chewed up D44 ring and pinion due to several ring gear bolts falling out and getting into the teeth.

Trashed BW-1356 due to the oil pump not picking up oil and allowed metal on metal contact.

Creased hood due to hood flying open at 70 mph.

All during a 1-week wheeling trip, none actually happened on the trails, street only.

Charlie don't surf..
'92 Ford Bronco XLT
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Let's see,
One exhaust manifold..

2 rear spring shims.

2 bent steering stabilizers..

Leaking pinion seal..

Ripped dust boots..

Bent bumper..

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