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Carpet cleaning

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I do high end detailing and I'm often asked what I use on carpets, for those of you interested my big secret is Quick & Bright. Why? Number one, it works, number two it is mild and wont remove dies in your carpet, and as a bonus it is non toxic and doesn't leave any residue even if you leave some on the carpet. Process, take a large heaping table spoon worth, and put it in some boiling water, simply poor over the entire carpet. Take a firm brush and work it in, and take a little green machine also with hot water in machine, and vacuum up excess. Sometimes it needs 2 applications. I doubt this carpet has ever been vacuumed. It was fuggun nasty, it literally looked like someone poured used oil everywhere. Now, it's 90 percent better. The only thing it doesn't work on is red stains, you need something special for those. Another option is a good degreaser, but some of those can have harsh chems. Not some major information here, but just a helpful tip for anyone frustrated with carpet stains.
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Does it work on motoroil stains? Ive been trying to get some out of my carpet, but it keeps coming back.
I would try a degreaser on that first, for the simple fact that it is grease and that is what it is for. If you have Simple Green around, give it a shot. Q&B will most likely work too.
My front carpet was in pretty good shape, but the cargo area was a wreck. Since I had my back seat out already I just removed the rear section of carpet and pressure washed it on my driveway, after soaking it with some foaming carpet cleaner. The oily spots were sprayed with simple green. Turned out way nice and it doesnt smell like wet dog anymore
Does it work on motor oil stains? I've been trying to get some out of my carpet, but it keeps coming back. I contact to Carpet Cleaning Services provider and they ensure me that it will be removed.
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