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CB Radio option.

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I have a question about the CB radio offered for the 1980 Bronco and up, What years did Ford offer this option? Is there factory wiring under the dash waiting to be plugged into like many of the other options I installed? Where does this CB radio mount? Does it require a special antenna or does it use the stereo antenna? How decent, as in quality wise is this? Does anyone have any pictures that you can show? and any pics of where the wiring harness is? BTW I searched for a thread on the cb are not allowed to search CB radio cb is too short..sorry if this is a repost.:toothless
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i didnt know it was a factory option, but the PO had one installed professionally (since i have learned the PO used the term professional rather loosely) . in my 86.

It that truck its mounted just to the bottom of the dash below the stereo in the center, and the antenna is on the roof, radio antennas tend to work poorly.
i never knew it was ever an option....its honestly probably alot easier to buy an aftermarket one and do a clean install with it...its only 2 wires...
im not sure there was a factory option CB, but you can get a nice 40 channel cobra for a decent price

this is what i got

and you can have it peaked and tuned at any local CB shop for around $25, i also run a 300W linear amp i got from an old trucker to a wilson W1000 antenna......all tune and peaked out to work with one an other......out the door after everything was finished i spent maybe $250
I have a nice 40ch Cobra night vision, I just thought wow, how cool would it be to have the Ford CB radio installed, its a rare thing to find. I have the factory brochures for the Bronco from 80-86, it looks like 1980-1981 is the only years it was offered besides the 1978-1979.

check ebay and stuff, maybe ford still carrys it or knows where you could find one
I recently purchased one off e-bay. Here is a picture.

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That mic is for the 80-up CB option Jay.

78-79 mics looked like this, you can also see the wiring harness that is mounted under the dash where the mic plugs in.

The original (which you will probably never find) antenna should look like this:

You can use a regular CB antenna with the factory CB setup if you cannot find the OE style antenna.

The control box for the 78-79 was behind the rear cargo panel on the driver side. I would suspect that they put it in the same spot on the 80-up Bronco's as well. The wiring harness should be plug and play with the harness in your Bronco. I do not know when the last year was that they used the factory CB system.
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nice so they do come as a factory option.....are they any good?????
They broadcast for about 5-6 air miles. I am most certain though they are probably putting out less than the allowed 4 watts.
There is definitly a coolness factor there.
I recently purchased one off e-bay. Here is a picture.

I want to see more pics of that 79 4 door bronco too.

Also I am looking at a similar one new from cobra. very similar design.


of course it's not as cool cause it doesn't have the ford logo on it.
So does anyone have one to sell? LOL
check Craigslist In the past there have been a couple posted there.
So does anyone have one to sell? LOL

If you can find one for a 79 I would be willing to trade.
Ok, I will keep that in mind! I will look for you. Hopefully I can find something.
79 bronco cb mic

i have a cb mic and all for a 79 bronco i need know where to get another mic for it the microphone in mine is messed up. you can here it key up on another cb but you can not here anyone talking.
hay i just got out of the time machine and the whole crew from smoky and the bandit said people still care about this, go **** your self
yea but if you are in back woods alabama you don't get cell phone service and when you are 4x4ing you have to have a cb.
Hm, I don't get budgetblueovals sarcasm...? Did I miss a post? or what?
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