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CD player wiring question

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I decided to put in a cd player since the AM/FM crap in the bronco has some age to it (works but its old), anyway Im not very bright when it comes to wiring. I know to color match the wires but the ones coming from the plug in the bronco has only 8 wires and only 2-3 of them match the 12 coming from the plug to the cd player. Which is the hot wire, speakers, and antenna? I already know that black is the ground wire....right?

Heres the order of the colors in the factory plug in.
Black - Red - Green - Green/Red - Gray - Gray/Red - Orange - Blue

And heres the order of the plug from the cd player.
Side w/ clip
Black - Red - Blue - Blue/White - Gray - Purple - Green - White
Other side of plug
White/Black - Green/Black - Purple/Black - Gray/Black - Yellow
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you will have to get an install kit from walmart or just use a volt meter and track each wire:)banghead ) to the speakers then the power and ground. but the color of the factory wires hardley ever match the stereo even the black wire may be a power wire or a speaker wire.
I have a similar question but along slightly different lines. I was installing my Sony headunit in my bronco last night. I was unable to locate which wire is the 12V battery, not switched 12V, wire. Until I locate this every time I turn the vehicle off I loose all clock and station presets. Does anyone have any ideas? I used an adapter from Crutchfield but the power plug's wires were not in the proper terminals to match factory power, ground, etc.
just run a wire from the battery thats what i did has wiring diagrams.:thumbup

I found on my 93 that the two front speakers had the same color code on the negative wires and they were reversed in the factory harness!
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