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Hi Guys,

So I am putting things back together in the new bronco. Previous owner removed the center console and sealed over the nutserts.

I can't seem to find any information about what hardware is used, I know there are 4 bolts that go through the bottom of the console into the nutserts, but I can't find anything about what size bolts are needed.

Anyone happen to know, or know where I can find out?

Also on a side note, where do you guys get most of your parts?

I am used to working on classic mustangs, where you can get any part, nut, or bolt you need easily.

Thank You

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Lmc truck jegs partsgeek rock auto bronco graveyard summit carid Dennis carpenter... Are good places to look for parts... eBay and the local pick n pull as well... Local auto parts places should have most of the hardware, Christmas trees etc... Maybe call your local auto zone to see if they can tell u what bolt the center console needs. I couldn't find anything looking on line.

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Yo Rost,
Hopefully, someone will post up the bolt sizes soon.

For parts, etc:
See my parts sections of my recovered site @ Ford Bronco And F-150 Links - PARTS SOURCES - Including FREE BRONCO SPECIFIC PARTS CATALOGS!

Includes for example:
Rock Auto. A FSB VENDOR! @ RockAuto many parts!

Auto Krafters - Many Bronco/Ford truck parts & accessories @ 1995 Ford Bronco Parts Ford Parts, Classic Car Parts, Truck Parts and Services by Auto Krafters-Mustang Auto Parts Too!

Galpin Ford @ Galpin Ford
Parts Geek has Motorcraft @ Discount Auto Parts Online -- - Domestic & Import Car Parts Warehouse

Jeff's Bronco Graveyard @ Early Bronco Restoration Full Size Bronco Restoration Classic Ford Bronco Parts For Sale many parts
For instance, Grill, Chrome w/black 82-86, New, Interior Trim Screws, Chrome, 1980-96 Ford Bronco

Ford Motorcraft Parts by Ford with short version part numbers & some depictions
Official Ford Parts Site @ | The Ford Parts Site | Buy OEM Ford Parts Online‎

LMC TRUCK® (Long Motor Corporation) - Bronco/Ford truck parts & accessories & 66-77 & 80-96 Bronco Truck Parts & Truck Accessories @ Search |

Mill Supply - Bronco/Ford truck body panels, interior door panels, weatherstrip, mirrors, headlights, tail lights, side marker; Click Order a CATALOG
@ Mill Supply | Snow Plow Parts - Stepvan Parts - Rust Repair Panels | Mill Supply, Inc.

National Parts Depot - many Bronco/Ford truck parts & accessories; Click Order your Printed NPD catalog
@ National Parts Depot | Restoring American History | Mustang Parts | Camaro Parts | Chevelle Parts | Ford Truck Parts | T-Bird Parts | Firebird Parts | Chevy Truck Parts

CARID A FSB VENDOR @" - Auto Parts & Accessories | Car, Truck, SUV, Jeep

Metro Moulded Parts - rubber restoration parts & Bronco/Ford truck weather stripping; Click Free Catalog
@ Metro Moulded Parts ~ Top Quality Automotive Weatherstripping and Rubber Parts

SoffSeal® (formerly A&M Soffseal) - Bronco/Ford truck door & window weather stripping; Click Free Catalog @ SoffSeal | Classic Car Weatherstripping Manufacturer
Steele Rubber Products - Bronco/Ford truck weather stripping & rubber; Click REQUEST A CATALOG
@ Automotive Rubber Parts and Weatherstripping

PICO ( Canada) - Bronco/Ford truck electrical connectors, wire, switches, vacuum line connectors, terminals, blower motor resistor E7TZ-19A706-A @ Home :: Pico of Canada Ltd

Airtex® - Bronco/Ford truck connectors, switches, ABS sensors, relays, fuel injectors & repair kits, etc., blower motors/resistors, ignition, EGR valves, water pumps, fuel pumps/level sending units, O2 sensors; etc. @ Products

Motorcraft Connector/Pin Catalog @

MMS - stainless steel fasteners & hardware, engine fastener kits, tubing, clamps @ MMS & Accessories, Inc.

Cylinder head bolts (as well as all types of engine fasteners) for gas and diesel engines @

Hinges, pins, hardware, body bolts, u nuts, etc. Closed due to virus @

In a YARD SEARCH on-line, I use;
A yard that uses Hollander Interchange can search other yards and have it shipped.
"...For over eighty years, Hollander has been making the best tool for fast, interchangeable part matches. The new Edition Hollander Interchange contains more interchangeable options than ever before.
The Hollander Interchange provides auto recyclers and auto collectors, rebuilders, and others with the easiest and most comprehensive solution for identifying interchangeable auto parts..."
See their yard Directory @:

Can select certain parts
Has Vehicle Pics for some vehicles
If a specific part, such as the tailgate torsion bar isn't listed, search again for the next higher assembly, such as in this instance, the tailgate.
or Auto Parts Market
Can select certain parts
Can search by year range, such as 92 through 96 & has best item condition descriptions such as "COVER BAD LEATHER PWR BKT GRY"
Has Vehicle Pics for some vehicles incl. interior/dash, back seat, front & rear and engine bay
This is a Company name w/yard locations in various states
Can NOT Select certain parts
Has Vehicle Pics for some vehicles
Can NOT Select certain parts
Has Vehicle Pics for some vehicles
AND Want a Part? It's Easy...
1. You create a Parts Wanted Listing.
2. Parts Pullers respond with offers.
3. You pick the best one.
A Parts Puller gets the parts you need.
for obsolete parts by Ford long version pn:
For new discounted Ford parts:
Galpin Ford (suggested by JScatt!)

Stop by a local Ford dealer parts department and ask. They will look it up in the Interchange Guide data base.
The Ford bean counters deleted the public Interchange Guide and Buyer's Guide a few years ago to save their $ & make it more difficult for us to maintain our Broncos.
As an example, here is Ford Motorcraft's buyers guide info for a ""Motorcraft basic pn":
"12A646 is a relay.EEC power, mostly found under the hood next to the fuel pump relay on EFI vehicles. .
DY-865 [Universal Relay] 2 Bbl.; E1VB-12A646AA,E3AF-12A646B1A,E3UF-12A6461A1,A2A, B1A,,B2A,E3TF-12A646A1A,A2A,B1A,B2A
and from the Buyers Guide:
Part No.: DY-865
Manufacturer: MOTORCRAFT
Total No. of Vehicles: 275
FORD (202) 1983-1994
AEROSTAR (9) 1986-1992
1992 V6-183ci 3.0L F/I Vin U
1991 V6-183ci 3.0L F/I Vin U
1990 V6-183ci 3.0L F/I Vin U
1989 V6-183ci 3.0L F/I Vin U
1988 V6-183ci 3.0L F/I Vin U
1987 L4-140ci 2.3L F/I Vin A
1987 V6-183ci 3.0L F/I Vin U
1986 L4-140ci 2.3L F/I Vin A
1986 V6-183ci 3.0L F/I Vin U

BRONCO (18) 1983-1991
1991 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N
1991 V8-351ci 5.8L F/I Vin H
1990 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N
1990 V8-351ci 5.8L F/I Vin H
1989 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N
1989 V8-351ci 5.8L F/I Vin H
1988 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N
1988 V8-351ci 5.8L F/I Vin H
1987 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N
1987 V8-351ci 5.8L 4 BBL Vin H
1986 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N
1986 V8-351ci 5.8L 4 BBL Vin H
1985 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N
1984 V8-302ci 5.0L 2 BBL Vin F
1984 V8-351ci 5.8L 2 BBL Vin G
1984 V8-351ci 5.8L 4 BBL Vin H
1983 V8-302ci 5.0L 2 BBL Vin F
1983 V8-351ci 5.8L 2 BBL Vin G... ETC,"


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Smaller than 1/4-20. Just tried one in my 85 and it wouldnt but barely start.

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So I just ran some taps down the holes and I think the threads are #12-24. I am going to pick up some hardware this weekend and try it out.

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Yo rost179,
Although no size, I was able to find just this seat list, however many components were reduced due to out of stock and age;

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