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Changing Alternator Pulley

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So last weekend I went to pretty much the only junkyard out here and pulled a 3G off a 199x (didn't pay attention) Mercury Sable. Took it to Napa and they tested it to put out 14.8 volts. Couldn't tell me what amps but 14.8 sounds good to me. Anyhow, it has a serpentine pulley on it and I'm trying to figure out how to go about getting it off to swap with my stock alternator's v-belt pulley. I've looked at the 3G threads I've found and searched for alternator pulley but couldn't find anything too helpful. I even tried taking the alternator apart so I could grab on to the coil (whatever you'd call it) but I couldn't get the case off. The only other idea I have is to get a band wrench wrap it around the pully and hope it holds enough to get the bolt off. Any tips?
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Impact gun, combined with a strap wrench.
Can't remem which way it works but on one of them i thought a spacer was required behind the fan. It is in one of teh threads. Did you check the thread in teh Tech Write up forum
sewiv said:
Impact gun, combined with a strap wrench.
I'v always been able to do ir with an impact just by holding the pully by hand. Use to swap 2 or 3 a day out when I worked for Advance.
Hmm guess I'll have to take it somewhere then. I don't have an impact wrench yet. Might get a strap wrench and see if I can make it work with my breaker bar... Otherwise I'll have to either order an electric impact wrench off hf or take it somewhere. I have some other parts to get to make the new battery cables and stuff so maybe I'll just try to get an electric one while I'm waiting for that stuff...
Go ahead and call Harbor Freight......a new tool in the box is always cause for celebration!!!! As a will be able to zap that pulley off in a split butter!!!
the puller kit from HF is only $20 get it and the imact. I took mine to autozone and they pulled it off in a few sec in the back room...mike
Didn't need a puller for my 3g Pully. Held by hand, ziped with an impact and the pully lifted off by hand. It wasn't pressed on. Did the same to my old alt and put the v-belt pully on the 3g and looked. Grinded the case a little and put the pully back on and put it on the bronco. No Probs yet.
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