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remove allen bolts, remove hub face, remove outer ring, and ring on axleshaft, slide off.......may require threading a couple allen bolts back in to pull on it......then replace...but since your in there might as well repack/retighten wheel bearings.....

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-90 xlt, 351w, e4od, man 1356, 3.55, sag, warn hubs, 35s. -73, 400, np435, d20j twin, 35s
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Here's the hub section from the Baba Looey's link below in my sig. Link 4 covers the manual to manual swap.

Hubs, General Info
1-How do I know if automatic hubs are working properly? Gacknar gives the auto hub test in post 2. Remember to block the wheels. This would work for testing manual hubs too, just lock them 1st.
2-Warn Hub Premium Assembly Bossind -Exploded view of Warn premiums.
3- -Warn instructions for removing assorted types of auto hubs & installing manual hubs. Includes exploded diagrams. Link provided by miesk5.

Hubs, Manual Replacement
4-Warn Premium Install Andy351 -Manual to manual swap.

Hubs, 5 Bolt Autos to Manuals
5-Auto to Manual Hub Conversion Writeup 90Beater's site.
(These 3 threads appear to be the same auto to manual write-up, but the rest of the info is also useful.)
6-Manual Hub Swap JD_Bronco
7-Changing Auto hubs to Warn Manual Hub complete instructions with pics godless
8-Install Warn manual hubs MyFullSize The link in post 1 is gone, but the info still applies.

Hubs, 3 Bolt Autos to Manuals
9-3-Bolt Auto hub conversion Froggmann's site.
10-3 screw auto to manual hub conversion ScottMoore
11-warn hubs -Junkyard parts instead of a conversion kit.
12-Hectic Hub Install stan the man -Specifics on the conversion kit, & which nuts & rings to use.

Hubs, Top Hat (87 to Early 88)
13-New Hub install Question Steve83 explains options in post 2.
14-Knuckle out conversion manual locking hubs B-man's Supermotors pics & info on swapping top hats to Warn premiums.
15-88 flange mount hubs Steve83's link to an exploded view in post 14.
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