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changing out the exhaust?

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Well now that ive got the TPS problem fixed(turned out being crossed plug wires).. She purrs like a kitten again :beer . Thanks for the help with that issue by the way guys.

Im currently running stock exhaust manifolds, y-pipe, and cats... I have the Gibson 3" catback from there (too quiet for my liking). I have a cracked manifold, so instead of doing the replacement thing, I ordered a pair of summit racing shortys for the extra couple bucks (no problems with summit by the way.. besides them not sending the 02 plugs with the headers.) This is what im thinking for now being strapped for money after the headers and everything. Im planning to run the shortys to the y-pipe and cats, to another y-pipe, to 2) 2.25" pipes, to cherrybombs or red-hots and straight out the back... I think ill have decent back pressure with both cats and stock y-pipe still :toothless ... I want it LOUD, CHEAP, BUT NOT COMPLETELY OBNOXIOUS! What do you guys think? reccomendations?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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