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Changing the Starter Solenoid - By Boss

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One of the main reasons these high torque starters fail is the result of a bad solenoid, because the starter solenoid is a sealed unit the only way to service it is to replace it. I recommend carrying a spare in your bronco for a field repair when you find yourself stranded.

Here we have the starter and the new solenoid from NAPA that I've been carrying around in my Bronco these last 2 years.

Using a 13mm socket remove the nut holding the power wire to the starter.

Next remove the 2 t-25 Torx screws that hold the solenoid, this will free the solenoid.

Over view of the tools used.

Clean up the wire connector

Using Never Seez on the torx screws will ensure easy removal latter if need be.

Here you can see the lever the solenoid pulls to engage the starter gear with the flywheel

Slipping the solenoid over the lever.

Tighten down the torx, reinstall the starter wire and nut and your done.
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Torx, not torex
Hes In Canada. Those crazy Canadians and there odd wording.
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