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just a heads up on some "possible" downtime for the chatroom coming up...

Greetings from RaiderSoft and Invision Power Chat,

We are writing to inform you of some exciting changes that will take place here at RaiderSoft during the month of November. These changes, although highly beneficial to our customers in the long term, will create some minor inconveniences for you and your users for which we do sincerely apologize.

On November 24th and 25th, RaiderSoft will be transferring it's physical servers from the Peak10 facility located in Jacksonville, FL to a new network facility located in Indianapolis, IN. We anticipate that our primary servers will go offline at approximately 4pm EST on the 24th, and be up between 11:30am and 1:30pm on the 25th. Our backup servers will continue to remain online.

During this time, we anticipate between 18 and 20 hours of "soft" downtime. Most users will experience no downtime at all as our backup servers will continue to serve the majority of RaiderSoft's applications. No action on your part is necessary.

During this transition, RaiderSoft's backup servers will continue to serve all SigmaChat chat rooms, Invision Power Chat rooms, ICE accounts, and RaiderCSS accounts. RaiderSoft's message board system will be offline during this time. Although most services will remain online, we regret to inform you that during this period, transcripts will not be stored, control panels will be inaccessible, and user registration will be unavailable. E-Mail addressed to RaiderSoft during this time will not be answered until November 26th.

Due to the nature of DNS, some users may experience problems accessing RaiderSoft web application services. Most issues should sort themselves out within 120 minutes. If downtime for your chat room is unacceptable during this period, you can help minimize downtime by using temporary, alternate link instructions provided at

RaiderSoft's policy is to grant a one day extension on all upgraded services for each hour of downtime. During this transition; however; all accounts will be provided at least a one month service extension for this rare, yet necessary inconvenience.

We sincerely hope you understand that this decision was not made lightly, however we feel it is our best choice for growth and stability in the years to come, and we believe it is the best option for our customers who depend upon our hosted web application products for their business and entertainment communication needs. We understand that this transition may pose a serious inconvenience to many of our customers, and we sincerely hope that you choose to continue using our services despite this transition.

For current information on this server transition, please visit There will you find the current status of our server move, as well as helpful hints for making this transition easier on you.

The new network facility (One Call Internet) that we are transferring to manages a national internet backbone. They boast "five nine's" or 99.999% uptime and can easily accommodate RaiderSoft's growth for many years to come. One Call's services will allow RaiderSoft to greatly enhance our existing services without requiring us to modify our current pricing structures. One Call's network connections will reduce the amount of "hops" required to connect to our servers, and will result in performance increases for both our domestic and international customers.

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We have a CHAT ROOM? :shrug

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