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Check Engine Codes.... YEEEEEHAAAAA

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This is for a '96 with a 351. It appears to be running fine. However, my inspection is due and Houston being a smog place has these new strict emmision inspections, so I have to fix this. I have my handy dandy ODB II code scanner and I figured out what the code is; PO141, Bank 1 sensor 2 heater circuit malfunction. Per the Chiltons: Heated Oxygen Sensor Heater (HTR 12) circuit malfunction. I know I have two O2 sensors on the pipe. Does the "HTR 12" mean a specific sensor, or am I totally off base with this?:confused:
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you need to check the heater relay, wiring, and connectors, if all okay, then the HEGO sensor is bad. I'm pretty sure all the HEGO's are heated on the same circuit
Hook, line and sinker......... I thought you would sniff out this post. I heard you were the one for this stuff, but I could not remember your nickname. You're talking about the wires and connector right at the sensor, correct? What about the heating relay? Is that also the sensor? Thanks!!:thumbup
here is the HEGO site:

The wire that says +12 volts is the heater wire.

it needs 12 volts :duh
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Thanks, I head off to work for the next 4 days. But when I get back, I will pawing under there. More to follow..........
Awsome information that I found. (hope that link works) It has a lot of code information, and more importantly, specific locations of sensors. Check it out
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