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Anyone out there that is familiar with the FACTORY theft alarm system in Bronco's (2 years I think) that Ford decided to install? Well one of them was my 1995.

Does anyone know if this brown door chime wire from the clock spring that mounts to the side of the key cylinder is integrated into the FACTORY THEFT ALARM on a 95 Bronco XLT? I just installed another theft box (mine went kaput) and I don't wanna take the chance of burning up it up.

The plastic tab just broke and ALSO the little metal tab sticking out of it. I know it is the CHIME for the door and lights on/key in ignition. But before I took it apart, it would CHIME even if the lights weren't on or key inserted into ignition!!

If no one is sure I guess I will just try to strip the wire and attach it to the key cylinder somehow??

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