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Not me, Xmas is the most fascist holiday we have in america.
Remember the PRIMUS song that says
"What if xmas didnt come this year?
Who would cry the biggest tear?
THE CHILD!!!! or the store"......

"To defy the laws of tradition" Primus, Frizzle Fry album.

OK getting back on topic:
If you have the MAF then yes get the K&N FIPK, ti would be way to difficult to fab something for that, if you do not then yes create your own and buy just the replacement filter element.

Lift: 4" lift is fine, I would run 35x12.50's max, and if you need to just trim teh fenders a little to compensate for teh bigger tire.
It is WAY better to accomidate the larger tire by trimming than getting a larger lift to fit the tire. You center of gravity will be a lot better, and the 4" lift shocks are cheaper, and you wont have to extend teh rear driveline. Always remember costs unless of course you are rich.

Exhaust: Borla is nice but over rated, and over priced.
I think you will be plenty happy with a gibson catback system or just visit your local muffler shops and have them run you a Magnaflow 3" cat back system.
Magnaflows are straight through with no restrictions.
Research and you will find that it is one of the highest rated mufflers amongst many consumers in a lerge variety of vehicles.

Steel brush guard may be a waist of your money.
They are strictly cosmetic and do no good for support, and can cause much more damage to your vehicle if you get into a front end collision.
If you would like it for the cosmetic effect then more power to you.

Warn hubs are the same, but if you land on a rock i would feel much better knowing that for only 20 bones more i have good ol american steel hitting that rock instead of graphite composite material.

This is my $6.66 cents.

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No, A warn enforcer bumper would actually replace the stock bumper and have a grill guard all in one.
Warn makes really great products and uses good steel, that will actually mount directly to the frame and comes with grade 8 bolts.
If you go that route not only will it work I would be so envious of you I will kick and cry like a little baby.:beer

Oh and BTW Magnaflow has a no questions asked lifetime warranty. So even if you ever do drive more than a bagillion miles it is still "technically" under warranty.

You can buy Magnaflow in the stainless models or the regular models, but even the regualr models have stainless steel parts and inners, it just isnt polished up all pretty.
Doesnt matter to me how pretty it is cuz its just going to get muddy anyway.

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Leonard said:
got to disagree with on the brush gaurds causeing more damage in a front end collision when i first got my bronc it had one and saved my raditor that winter.
No offense taken, there are always exceptions to the rule.
I am glad it saved ya bud, because a wasted radiator can be a pain if you are stuck in BFE.

I really meant more along the lines of some idiot backing into you at the grocery store, all the way to big accidents.
A simple fender bender can crush the mount on the frame, and most body shops will not want to repair a frame.
Some insurance companies will not take that possibility of failure and total out you rig especially if it is an old Bronco.
Most insurance companies would rather hand us a thousand dollar check than repair our Broncos.

Another thing is on the newer bronco the front end of the frame has crumple zones. When you get in a front end collision they are made to crumple so that the impact will help avoid shock to the passengers in the vehicle.
If you have mods or a bracket over that then the zone will not crumple correctly, your air bags may not deploy correctly, and it is a stronger possibility that the incident may lead to more human damage.
Not a risk most of us are willing to take.
But i say this again, there are always exceptions to the rule
This data was collected by simple research and opinions shared from car dealerships.
99% of the time if you get a brush guard from a dealership mounted on oem style, the damn thing is plastic. That is because they dont want it to manipulate the way your frame was designed to handle during an impact. (there is also that little rule of liability). Hope this helps.
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