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cigarette lighter/power point replacement

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the power points in my 95 eddie bauer werent working. went down to the auto parts store and got a univerisal replacement. there seems to hhave been cut wires connected to the old power point so got the wiring too. hooked everything up got nothing. replaced the fuse.......nothing it seems like such an easy fix bt i cant figure it out any suggestions?????
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I found that my cig lighter's 12v vehicle power (VPWR) Lt Blue/White wire chaffed & shorted on ashtray frame. It caused Fuse 16 to blow itself..out (& in 96, this also caused the OBD II Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC) not to "power up" @ pin 16).

Maybe same happened to PO on the PP? Ck for a break in the PP VPWR wire,,
Less the OBD crap....
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