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Geez... I had to revive this thread.

I see above that Steve83 says the 92-96 clips will fit, but changing everything with paint on em..... So, that means that the holes in the core support that the headlights and stuff are mounted on are the same for the new style shizzit? Interesting...

Back on to where I wanna go with this. Ever since I picked up Horsesh!t, I've had the desire to put a ~00+ SuperDuty clip on it. I think that'd look farkin tight. Anywho, since I'm not a millionaire and cant afford a late model clip, I figure I can attain a similar endpoint by going back in time...

I've got my old engine-less `82 just rotting in the back40.. I'm already planning to rape it for its 9" spooled rear and other random parts, but what about its front clip? I like the old style sealed beams better than this aerodynamic shizzit they've been putting on things anyways. I still have no solution for my Third Generation Headlights - Whats up? thread, and going "old school" with my 200mm ECE lights would be a solution to my crappy light problem...not to mention that the old style clip just looks "tougher" IMO.

So... whats the verdict?
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