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I have a 94 Bronco and some of my gauge cluster lights do not light up. The Speedometer from 20mph-80mph is dark and everything else on the cluster lights up. Is it hard to replace these lights? Could I mount some LED's back there? And also is there a tutorial somewhere online that I havent been able to find. Cause I've searched.

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The lights are a special type, the LED versions are pricey but they do exist. They come out easy enough as you just have 4 torx bolts to remove afte you remove the dash bezel screws and trim pieces. It should only take like 30 minutes to do it in a safe and slow manner. Good luck! Oh the lights are all 194s

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If your gonna change one out, change them all under there. I have in the past changed one out than a month later another goes out in a differnet spot. So if you change one back there replace all of them to save some time and hassle later on. You can save the old ones for other light fix's like the dome or the door lights, and I think a few of the outside markers.

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Good stuff!

FYI, in case you haven't pulled the cluster out yet;
If you have the E4OD; start it, move shifter to Low or 1 and turn it off; so cluster can be removed ezier later.
pry the two trim panels from each side of the steering column - Remove the screws that are under these panels
Remove head light knob. pull da knob out, use a small screwdriver to press the release tab outwards & keep pressure on tab while you pull the knob off

Pull on the dash piece and it should pop right off.

pry back the clip and pull the connector from the back of the switch.
dash piece should now be free and can be set aside.

Remove the 4 screws that hold the entire cluster in (not the 7 screws that hold the clear face on).

Tip the cluster out being careful not to scratch the face.

Unplug the connectors on the back of the cluster

W/ an auto transmission you will need to disconnect the indicator cable from the shifter

I managed to lift the gauge cluster up and tilted it to disconnect the connector to PSOM, and other gauges...

And, Re; "... This is the plastic housing that the little wire loop runs through. The black thumbwheel is threaded around the plastic housing. By spinning the thumbwheel, the housing will back down and out (with the wire loop). You want to spin the housing all the way down and clear... Be gentle with it; I used a small phillips screwdriver to un-hook it; didn't need to spin it;

If the cable sheath is white, it's probably about to break no matter how careful you are. If it's black with mesh reinforcement, you almost can't break it..."
Shift Indicator Adjustment in 92-96 Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at "...I always unhook the cable (shifting to L or 1 makes it easier), then spin the wheel. You can't really get to the indicator end to unhook it - I do it at the shifter (wheel) end. There's nothing inherently wrong with removing the wheel assy. But when you're trying to pull the cluster, it's easier to feed the bare cable end back around the column & thru the wiring harness..."
Shift Indicator Cable

1. Remove the four screws from the lower steering column shroud. Remove the lower steering column shroud.
2. Rotate transmission range selector lever clockwise until it bottoms out in first gear.
3. Rotate transmission range selector lever counterclockwise three detents (overdrive position).
4. Hang a three pound weight on the transmission range selector lever.
5. Center pointer in the middle of D if equipped with C6 transmission, or (D) if equipped with E4OD transmission, by rotating the thumbwheel located on right-hand side of steering column actuator housing.

For more info, see these photos & diagrams:

As usual, when I pulled my cluster out, our diggie cam took a hike south.
now you can replace any of da bulbs.

One thAng is, Gauges/cluster need to be stored in vertical or face-up positions. do Not lay any gauge or cluster face down; it will leak the dampening fluid. UPS still owes me $128.95 for Not following concise written shiiping instructions about placing the "Face-Up" labels on my cluster that I sent out to have it checked by a great shop (DNA Speedometers) (; Tampa, FL 33614
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