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I get code 18 Spount circuit grounded or SAW Spark angle Word. The
engine looses power above 4200rpm and the rpm gauge needle jumps. I
get off the gas and she runs fine at lower rpm.

I did the tests in my Haynes manual and the spout resistance and AC
voltage check out, so the TFI Ignition modual is supposed to be OK. I
was able to try another EEC IV and had the same problem code. So I
do not think it is the computer. I run the stock dizzy that came
with my bronco 302. I'm wondering what to do? Is the TFI ignition
modual screwing-up as I'm spinning the motor-up to higher rpms than
it specs too????

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I am preaty sure that a bad stater and/or a bad coil can also couse this code.

In my case my anciant 86 harnes was falling appart and cousing me to get this code, before I replaced it with the new Mustang harnes.

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I got two responses on the tweecer forum. They said they had similar troubles and it was the TFI module. Haynes manual refers you back to basic ignition checks. I'll get some time tomorrow to do those. If they check out I'll replace the TFI. At least, the TFI has a lifetime warranty.
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