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Coil Spring Help

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I just purchased a leveling kit for my 89 full size. I removed the old coil springs and shocks rather easily. Now, I can not get the new springs compressed enough to go back in. Am I missing something? I currently am working on the drivers side. Will I have more room if I remove the shocks and springs from the passenger side too? I have tried 2 different spring compressors, and still need an additional 1.5" to get the springs to fit.

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when i put my leveling springs in, i put one side of the frame up on a tall stand with the jack under the axle half, disconnected the coil retainers, shock, and swaybar, dropped the jack down, and then stood on the hub. the old spring pretty much fell out. the new spring was tight, but i didn't need compressors.
maybe put a bottle jack between axle half and the framerail to force the axle down more.
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