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so i just got the new driveshaft in (wee hew) so i decided to go out to a local limestone pit and screw around abit.

everything was great, had a good little spin on some light trails, some berms, and mild 3-4ft dirt ramps and such.
so as i am driving home i felt an odd vibration and an odd wiggling feeling from the front end. i pulled over and unlocked my front hubs, and looked up and noticed that my on my double shock tower on the left side, the rear most shock had torn itself out. the sucker pulled straight down through the tower.
i"ll get pics tomorrow.

i am currently running one shocl on the left front side. and its driving fine since i removed the torn out shock.

my question is...
do i replace the shock tower with another stock one (left and right) or should i at this point source out a double shock tower and coil bucket that will work with an upcoming d60 sas?
can i use say a 78-79 shock tower and coil bucket? or what?
i am definitely doing an sas this summer, but am not doing it now. (wish i could, but cant $$), but need to get this fixed asap.

what are my options, keeping in mind that this has to get fixed this week. this is still my dd.

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