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1990 EB, 5.0
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Guys, 1989 EB 302, PGMR

When I go to start the truck first thing in the morning it takes a long time and sometimes dies. But when I turn the key for a second time it starts right up. No other problems throughout the day. Just that first cold start. I've done the PGMR install. Don't think there's any starter issues. Truck runs great and I've got it in real good mechanical condition now, so this may not be worth pursuing, but I wanted to ask for opinions.

Looking at a few IAC threads I thought that might be the issue, so I took the IAC apart to clean it up, but it looks fine. Actually looks like it may have been replaced in the last few years. TPS also appears to be in good shape from visual inspection. I've thought about replacing the IAC & TPS anyway, but that's over $100 in parts on a hunch.


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Yo Siggy89,
Try a Self Test for Diagnostic Trouble Codes by my pal, BroncoJoe19 @ Code Reader.....

PCM stores the Self-Test program in permanent memory. When activated, Self-Test checks the EEC system by testing memory integrity and processing capability, and verifies that various sensors and actuators are connected and operating properly.

Test & Diagram at the Diagnostic Link Connector in 84-95; "...Connect FP Relay to any ground to force the fuel pump(s) on when the key is in RUN..."

Diagnostic Link Connectors for EEC-IV processors 84-86 (red) located on R wheelwell near starter relay.

Connect FP Relay (terminal A) to any ground (like terminal E) to force the fuel pump(s) on when the key is in RUN.

Pressure Test Gauge Overview & pic;

"...To test the fuel pressure you’ll need this tool. You will need to screw it onto the schrader valve on the top of the fuel rail, it looks like a tire air valve stem. After attaching the fuel pressure tester, run the fuel pump for 10 seconds. Check that the pressure is within specs, and it doesn’t leakdown more than 5PSI within 60 seconds after pump shutdown..."
Most parts stores loan the test kit for a refundable security deposit

MIESK5 NOTE; from Ford EVTM; The Control Module (PCM) runs the pump{s} for one second when it receives an ignition- on signal. It also runs the pumps as long as it receives a PIP signal from the Hall-effect devices, it continues pump operation even after the key is released from START. If the PIP signals fall below 120RPM, the control module cuts off the signal to the fuel pump relay or the integrated relay control module. The pump will also run when the terminals of the fuel pump test connector are jumped. the Control module signals the pump when it receives a CRANK signal, and when the Control module gets PIP signals that the engine is running. the pump does not run if the PIP indicates the engine is not running even with ignition ON {except for that first one second}.
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