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Looking for some help...

She is a 96, 351, good spark, clean air, I’m thinking fuel problem but really cannot figure where to start.

The last two mornings it has been about -20 degrees outside and the Bronc takes about 5 minutes to start. It cranks fine and sputters and keeps on cranking. Once she starts it dies immediately if I do not keep my foot on the accelerator. She will not idle on her own until she is warm. This whole process takes literally 5 minutes of cranking and 2 minutes of my foot on the accelerator before she will run on her own.
-I put Heat in the tank last night and ran it for a while and it did not help this morning.
-It starts and runs fine the rest of the day after the initial starting.
-I can hear the fuel pump run fine when I turn the key on.
-New fuel filter last winter
-Same problem last winter and mechanic says he has no idea.
-Only happens when it the temperature outside goes below zero.
-Is not giving off any codes.
-The Bronc is stock.

I think I have included all of the important stuff. If not let me know. I did a couple of searches and turned up empty.

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