Solid rust-free 1989 Bronco. This is my daily driver, but I'm moving over to an Expedition to give me more seating room for the kids. Good running 5.8, no leaks, running (pretty new) 35s and regeared to 4.10s so keeps up with traffic. C6 transmission mostly works. For some reason it doesn't like reverse about 10% of the time -- probably needs rebuilt.
Decent original interior, aftermarket bluetooth stereo. Front steering components have all been replaced (OTT TRE swap with one-ton TREs) and everything below the steering box has been replaced. Steering has the usual wander, particularly on rutted roads. Probably needs either a rag joint or a new steering box. Passenger door was dented and (poorly) pounded out by a previous owner. I have a replacement door sitting here that I've not paint-matched yet.