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She moves. Also, my t-case seems to be toast, as I still can't move the truck unless the 205 is in gear.

Now, since I do not have a shifter yet, I've been putting the truck in gear and starting the truck up while in drive/reverse so I can move it to test out my handy work. Since I'm staring it this way when the truck starts after a second it seems to be a hard shift going into gear. I've only done this to go up the driveway and back down, once.

Is this normal since I started it in gear (I also have the T-case in 4H)?
I can't test it out from park to drive since I still do not have a shifter.

The dipstick reads full: I put 12 quartz in ontop of the 1.5-2 quartz in the converter, as well as whatever the tranny had in it before I got it. (the fluid that was in it was new.)

Thanks for the help.

(After the C6 swap-yeah, she moves.)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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