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I wish we could have seen more of all the BKO's running this month as I think we were a little light with posts. Some amazing BKO's for sure
ran this month and I think if there were more posts it may have been a different outcome and MANY MORE Votes would have been cast.

This is just my opinion and I for sure have been wrong many times before so this is my take on Septembers competition.

@_CJ With only 1 post in the competition I can tell you you need way more. I'm guessing you don't know how the competition works as I
would encourage you to go over some of the past ones to get a feel for how it works. When I ran I tried to post up once a day at-least
through the whole month. If you have the material (pics and stories), and willingness to put in the effort I would encourage you to
go for it again as your rig is for sure worthy.

@Alwaysdirty I really love your rig and is for sure FOTM material. With 18 posts in the competition you showed some commitment. My opinion is
you can never have too much material running in these things so if you have more material I would encourage you to go for it again!!

@jcarr The 78-79's have a special place in my heart but plainly we just need to see more as 7 posts for sure won't get it done. Like the others
you would have a good chance to win if you have say triple the material go for it again.

@[email protected] First off what a badass rig you have. I know you were new to the competition and is why we encouraged you to look past ones
to get a feel of how it works. You had 8 posts in your run but plainly we need to see like 4 times that and you could win with a rig like yours.
If you have the material, and the time to post up more go for it again and see a different result. Of course this is my opinion.

And then we have Mr. @95 Bronco Wyatt with your bad to the bone rig with a ton of work put into it. I can really tell your love for your rig and
using it. I would certainly not follow you everywhere you go as you know your rig and it's capability very well. Make sure to get a bunch more material
as F.O.T.Y. is just around the corner and will be here before you know it. Have enough material to post up once a day come November 1st and we will
see you then.

Help me congratulate @95 Bronco Wyatt your F.O.T.M September 2018 Congrats Dude !!!!!!!


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Yo 95 Bronco Wyatt,
We act and move not only with our hands, legs and mouths, but also with our brains and hearts.
– Dr T.P.Chia

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I second everything @quader1 said. Alot of Pictures and videos is a must. I think I went over board when I ran. Posting over 1000 pictures (some were a little boring) But :useless:

Congrats @95 Bronco Wyatt Awesome Job, Awesome Rig.

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Way to go Wyatt! I guess I dont mind losing to another Sas'd AZ rig, lol! Hope to see you out on the trails some day!
This time next year I'll be ready for another shot at this competition, this winter will be full of trail rides and Bronco upgrades I'll be sure to log with pics and video. Sliders, bumpers and a winch install are next on the docket for me.
Enough about me though , let's hear it for Wyatt!

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Thanks for the kudos, this was a learning experience for me and Im sure glad to hear all the feedback!
@Alwaysdirty that is one nice rig and I hope to see you keep on keeping on!
@[email protected] WOW I was surprised the outcome and a little nervous for a bit, I mean a full size classic with that curb appeal.. Also good dyno run, those are good numbers I've been disappointed plenty on numbers but numbers don't mean anything if it satisfies your needs.
@jcarr Way to do it right and a great start to the story, hope to see updates here on FSB
@_CJ I didnt see much but from what I did it looks like you're enjoying the outdoors and using your BKO for a purpose so kudos your way!

Hope to see you Arizona guys around or out in the desert, I will be participating in our local club more frequently this season once the rear end is wrapped up.
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