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bought a cool rear axle today.
67" WMS to WMS, so i will have to cut about 7-8" off it to make it work, but who cares.
semi float, 5 on 5.5 lug(What my zuk is, and what my beadlocks are)
i figured i needed this since my 38's where to much for my d44 out back, as both shafts are starting to twist the splines.

it may not look to big(small, 2 3/4 tubes and is semi float, but im holding up a zuk!

now the really cool part of this axle!
the 35 spline, 1.5" diameter shafts!! (regular full floating D60 8 lugs are 1.3something, and only 30 spline.
i dont think ill break it with my zuk

the shaft necks down a tad right after the splines to about 1.44"
but it comes back up to 1.61 after that spot
so when i take off 3.5" or so off each side(to keep the offset) i will just have the tad of extra material machined off, and have moser cut new splines for $95.

so can anyone name what vehicle it came out of? :lolup
good luck
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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