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The Centurion with the 7.3 non-turbo I was asking about in this previous post....I bought it

It is a 2WD. That sux, but I don't plan on wheel'n it, just pull'n my bronk

It's a 91 c-350 2wd w/7.3 non-turbo E4OD, 10.25 rear
163,000 on it but that's noth'n for those motors
power windows and door locks
No 3rd row seat:shrug

I drove it and it ran had just as much power as the older turboed cummins'

No leaks, newer brakes, new tires....I couldn't go wrong

I run it out of fuel on the test drive:whiteflag ....gauge don't work correctly I guess
It also had a bit of a driveline vibration (Bad U-joint)
A little bit of BD on the passenger side rear
And of course.....rear window motor is shot

That pretty much sums it up, Heres some pics

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MatthewC said:
SAS and 38's.
Pullin rig and my new DD......I named her Bessy:rockon :goodfinge

Now that I have this......My Bronk is gonna get wicked:rockon :beer
I think I might get rid of the factory junk trac-loc and put a full spool in the rear
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