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As yall might remember a few months ago i blew my motor well I got another motor. And finally got it put in a couple weeks ago and it cranked right up but just about every gasket on that motor leaked. :cry so me and my bro changed front timing cover gasket, valve cover gaskets, oil pan gasket but my question is that when i bought the motor i wasen't paying attention like i should have been :banghead but the oil cap was replaced with a non vented oil cap and the pcv valve wasent hooked up would this cause the gaskets to leak with it not venting well.

and another question i was wantin to ask and i know im going to get all kind of bs for this but i have a set of 39's i would like to put on my truck it has a 6 inch lift and i won't be doing any major wheeling in it maybe just crawlin through uwharrie but mostly a show truck do you think i could do this on a ttb :shocked cause i really don't wanna break anything this truck is draining my wallet as it is thanx
wont find out for sure if you'll break shit untill it happens, nothings set in stone. but the ttb is not string enough for 39.5s
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