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SOLD Crane 1.6 Roller Rockers

Full set of 16, PN 11746-16 Crane roller rockers. These have just 5k miles on them, in a low rpm combo that used a tiny Comp XE258HR cam with .533/.544" lift. So these were not subject to high spring pressures or again high rpm. They would pass for having 50 miles on them, quite honestly. Here's a chance to save some cash, for other parts.

These are for any 3/8" stud mount application, and are 1.60 ratio.

All poly locks were nice and tight upon removal, with a nice crisp snap when I broke them loose. The nuts are perfect, I've never even slipped a wrench or anything around these rockers. Never even dinged two together when loose. This is a chance to get as close to new as possible, for less.

Asking $150, buyer pays shipping. Payment via Paypal.

The listing will be pulled promptly once sold.

Only reason I'm selling, is this project is being parted to pursue some other projects I'm more focused on.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this, or any other items I might have. This whole project and engine combo must go. Will have the +.100" hardened pushrods, FMS roller lifters and hold-down spider/dogbones with block bolts listed. Will also have the Comp XE258HR cam forsale, and either the F4TE shortblock as a whole or I may break it down as well. Block is +.020 with KB379 queench step pistons, and looks like it has 50 miles on it, not 5k. Zero ridge at the tops of the cylinders and the cross hatch honeing looks like it was just done. This combo was topped with some RHS/PTL 200cc heads with 2.055/1.60" undercut swirl polished +.100" valves, and 64cc chambers. The heads are aimed at a combo making 400 to 550 naturally aspirated hp, or alot more with mild boost numbers. All will be listed shortly, and more.

SOLD Thanks guy's.
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