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Cummins conversion started!

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We started the Cummins swap on my 96 Bronco yesterday, and as promised, I will try to post daily reports and pictures on our progress. We are hoping to have the swap completed within 2 weeks.

First off a few stats, we started with a clean 1996 Bronco with 89,000 miles. It had a 5.8 and auto trans, tow package and stock suspension. The first thing done was to add a 4” lift and 16” wheels and tires. The motor we are installing is a 1997 12 valve Cummins out of a wreck with 92,000 miles. The transmission is an E4OD from a 1996 F350 that was running a Powerstroke diesel. We rebuilt the trans using all Sun Coast parts and are using a 3 clutch billet converter. The injection pump has a few mods and we will run bigger injectors and a bigger then stock turbo. For now, the stock axles will stay with the exception of adding limited slip to the rear.

First thing we did was pull the front end from grill to fan.

Next the stock motor mounts were removed and new mounts were installed.

That pretty much took a full day. We did have some time left to start tearing down the Cummins to get it ready for a complete reseal.

I will try to post again tomorrow. JS.
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what are your plans for how the tranny will get its info to shift properly?
We are using a stand alone controller from Powertrain Control Solutions. JS.
i hope it all goes smooth in the swap because when i save enough dough i will start gathering parts to do the same swap. i think you are going to have one of the ultimate broncos, looks, brute strength & all the bragging rights you could ever want, plus lets not forget the reliability...ONCE AGAIN GOOD LUCK:rockon:thumbup:toothless:beer
I was just telling someone last week if I won the lotto I'd get a clean Eddie Bronco and do a cummins swap. Looks like your livin the dream.
you might consider dropping a sterling rear diff out back and just doing an 8 lug conversion up front. i dont see that 8.8 surviving at all and would suck to be stranded and have to pay towing bills.
I was just telling someone last week if I won the lotto I'd get a clean Eddie Bronco and do a cummins swap. Looks like your livin the dream.
If I won the lottery, i'd do a 7.3 swap. I wasn't too keen on the idea of having a Diesel BKO but it's starting to seep in on me. Without the lottery though, i'd do a Cummings swap.

It's just like with the Mud buggy a friend and I are going to be starting, even though Chevy parts are cheaper and much easier to find... i'm a Ford man and would love to keep everything Ford if possible.

Good luck gos, look forward to keeping an eye on this thread.
who the hell would want a cummins bronco?
well hmmmm idk, your name comes to mind lol
who the hell would want a cummins bronco?
I would love one in the bronco, and I plan on installing one in the Super if the Powerstroker ever gives up(knock on wood)
Id advise doing a D60 swap, or at least upgrading to stiffer springs.
who the hell would want a cummins bronco?
That is the ultimate, me 2.
Day two

Day two is done and so are the easy parts. Yesterday we resealed the motor and completed the basic assemble needed before we installed the motor.

Here are a couple pictures of our AC and alternator brackets. We are using the Ford AC and alt.

One concern was with the very back valve cover. Once the motor is in, it is impossible to remove the valve cover for valve adjustment. The solution was to cut off the top and dowel pin it for easier replacement. Now all you do is pop off the top and you have access to adjust the valves!.

With that completed, we sat the motor in place.

So much for the easy part! Now it's wiring, fuel system, turbo, and a whole bunch more work!

Thanks for all your great comments! JS.
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awesome post ...

best light duty motor ever ...

in the best SUV ...

97-98 got the big P7100 too ...
any before/after measurments on how the front suspension has taken to the added weight of the motor??
Sweet conversion cant wait to hear it.Good luck seems to be going smooth so far.
this looks pretty sweet. now im not trying to steal a thread or anything but how come noone does a Duramax swap?
very awesome thread! I look foward to see the completion!

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