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I was just gonna make a folder in my superford account for different bumper ideas. I decided to maybe try and help others out, who might be in the market for custom bumpers.

I just wanted one place to look at different front & rear bumpers.

This should give some ideas as to what's out there.

I know I missed a bunch, so if you want to add to this thread, try to keep thumbnail pics, to help out the 56k guys/girls. Also, please dont clutter the tread up with useless posts. Try to keep it limited to pics/info/questions about front and rear bumpers.

Obviously if you're in the market, talk with BoonDockBumpers or Dustin(if you live in AZ) and they should be able to set you up.

I hope this helps.


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Wow! Someone was bored, but good idea though. :thumbup

Here is mine

It's also a tool box and a reciever for a winch.


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oregonian said:
couldn't figure out how to shrink 'em.
Click on the thumbnail in SMO. When the image window opens, click "Show" at the far R, then select the 2nd one down, hit CTRL+C.

In your post, hit CTRL+V. The linked thumbnail will appear, and anyone who wants to see the fullsize image can click the thumbnail.


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Chuck's (not yet finished)

Actually, in this shot I hadn't finish welded it yet. It's also missing the extra plates at the end to reinforce the shackle mounts. I'll post pics when I get a chance to complete it, I'm working on the cab crossmember right now.

Incidentally, this is stronger than a normal Class V hitch, and the shackle mount points are good for 17k lb. each, plus about 10k at the receiver (simultaneous). I'll re-check and get better numbers when I put up the finished photos. This is on a cab conversion, if you wanted a full-width bumper it would be an easy matter to make wings to extend the sides -- just fillet weld them to the plate all around like the center is.

Killer thread -- I still have to decide what I want to do for my front bumper. :twotu:
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