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I have been trying to get ultimate flex from my Bronco on 38's. I am now limited by the steering linkages. Mostly the tie rod end at the pitman arm is my problem. I have high steer arms on flat top knuckles and need custom steering for them. I need it ASAP to get the Bronco rolling again. Here's what info I have found from searches. Are these the right parts to use? Does anyone sell the tube already cut and tapped? Any opinions or other links?

I want to use TRE's, I have a TRE reamer bit, I prefer to have the tube tapped rather than welded inserts.

ES2233L $25.99 pass side tie rod
ES2234R $23.99 driver side tie rod
ES2027L $18.99 high misalignment drag link end
ES2026R $20.99 high misalignment drag link end

1.5 DOM x .25wall will not work.....1.5 - .5 = 1" ID...chevy TRE's are 7/8" = .875, so to make this work properly with direct tapping you need something like this:

1.25 DOM x .25 = .75 ID, so there is leftover for tapping, or
1.125 x .188 = .749 ID
from 1.25" 0.219 DOM steel tube

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I am also in the midst of gathering steering parts...the part numbers match to what I have found for the tie rod ends and drag link ends...
but I have come up with 1.25 ODx .812 ID DOM for the tie rod...or any od as long as the Id is .812 but if this is wrong some one please speak up.
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