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Both !!! LOL
Depends on what it is going to be used for and how long you wsant to keep it around. You can only let rust go for so long and it will completely take over. I you are going to get some fender flares go with the early 80-86 style bushwacker flares.

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We've been battling that wheel lip surface rust for a few years now too; You will most lilely have much more rust in the inner fender area - it is spot welded to the outer 1/4 panel and this method causes all the 1/4 panel rust problems;
& also inside the 1/4 in the area where you removed the rust; I plan to use Patch Panels w/body adhesive soon.

I have a bunch of 1/4 & inner repair links in my site;

Flare, Bushwacker Extend-A-Fender Installation in an 87
Source: by Chris P (Maximum) at

Flare, Modification; "...Heres what jeep flares look like, i went to the junkyard and they let me have 8 for 30$ and i only used 2 on the back, just marked it for the flare contour, got out the old air nibbler and i like the way it turned out....but my main reason was to cut off the rusted thru parts of the quarter..."
Source: by sparkysmotorsports at
Flare, Modification; "...i used flares off of a 98 ford explorer sport 2 door 4 door wont work. the fender radius is almost the same. only mods i had to do was where the "V" shape is towards bottom of truck i had to slightly mod the flares by cutting them with a die grinder. the screw holes along the fender lip also matched up nicely. it tooka couple of days of trial fitting but they look nice. and along the top i instaled small bolts so they look the pocket flares made by bushwacker. this was necessary to hold them tightly to the body. it cost me a total of 50.00 to put these on. flares where 30.00 at pull a part auto wrecking..."
Source: by shad351 at FSB
Flare, Street Scene Installation Instructions for 92-96
Source: by

Patch Panel Installation from an 87 in a 95
Source: by Fronabarger (BRONCONUT) at FSB
Patch Panel Installation from an 87 in a 95
Source: by Fronabarger (BRONCONUT) at

1/4 Replacement w/adhesive & Tips in an 86, including wheel house; "...did my quarters Thursday and two hours later I removed the clamps and grabbed the rear quarter top and shook the $h#t out of the truck with it. I'm a convert; Been out on the road already and even took some serious speed bumps at speed and no creaks, squeaks or groans..."
Source: by Sixlitre (Malcolm H, Eddie Bauer) at FSB

Trimmed Fabrication in an 88
Source: by Daniel T (SSgtTEX, SrATEX, Tex's Toy) at FSB

Wheel Well Fiberglass Repair pics in an 86; "...I bought a gallon of fiberglass resin and 5 sheets of the fiberglass at Home Depot, cost about $50..."
Source: by Ryan M (Fireguy50) at FSB

Wheel Well Repair & Patch Fabrication without Welding in an 89
Source: by waltman at FSB

see my site for many more w/Hot Links

I just bought the 1/4 panel patch panels from MILL SUPPLY, Cleveland, OH
Their body parts On-line Store site is

They are primed and of 18 gauge steel - exact fit around wheel well arch and packaged very well for shipping.

#52 LH Upper wheel arch area 16"H x 40"L 87-98 $29.00 & RH

from the horizontal crease below camper top down to wheel arches and around the arches

exact fit = Will be able to weld w/no adjustments to it or the 1/4

Order their Catalog(s)
Printed Catalogs do not list price though.

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wow, good info
The patch panels will go in this weekend; weather permitting. Will have local mom & pop shop paint it since the leaves and pine needles are falling and I want it painted better than I can do at home.
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