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D44 stronger axles

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Are there any stronger axles than stock ones for front D44 '96 bronco ?
Alloyusa doesn't have them in their offer, google unfortunately doesn't helps...

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that's what I'd be looking for over there.

with 39's, this really isn't even about a front axle anymore. The 8.8 is just as likely to not handle that tire size as any D44 front.

except a few mud guys will say it will work. Running 39's and 1/2ton axles.
thats what im running. all there reallu is in FL is either sandy mud/water or river muck. i still have the ttb and all i broke was a set of hubs.
Who buys new?
Who said new ?
These I have found for 7k were used ...
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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